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Split Systems


A split system is designed to provide air conditioning to one or two rooms of your home.
It comprises of two units, the evaporative fan coil and the outdoor condensing unit. The term "split" refers to the fact that the two units are seperated, this allows the condensing unit to be located virtually anywhere outside.

The split system is one of the most versatile, quiet and economical forms of air conditioning available which is extremely efficient and easy to operate.
Purchasing and installing your split system from a licenced air conditioning specialist ensures that the job is done right the first time.

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Inverter Split Systems


The Inverter aplit system regulates the frequency of power required to match the indoor and outdoor air temperature. The result is a powerful, quiet and precise energy saving solution to your air conditioning needs such as:


Uses up to 30%  less energy per year than conventional split systems


Less  temperature fluctuations, which gives greater comfort


Starts warming  or cooling operations allowing you to achieve faster comfortable temperature sooner



Multi-Head Split Systems | Installation Price Guide




A refrigeration mechanic installs the system and an electrician is required to wire it. Some highly skilled electricians also carry a licence to install the air conditioning system and wire it. It is very important to make sure that you do not opt for cheap installations, as air conditioners have ozone depleting gases inside them. At Air_Max Air Conditioning all our tradesmen are fully licienced.

Not only can those gases hurt the environment, but the loss of gas when being installed will affect the running of your new system.

Having a licenced air conditioning installer gives you peace of mind the job has been done right.

Multi-Head split systems comprise of multi indoor units to one outdoor unit. The benefit of this is less space requirement for outside. This is ideal for air conditioning more than one room in your home.



Back to Back - The easiest and cheapest option

Intermediate - Outdoor units on wall brackets or extended pipe runs

Advanced - Outdoor units mounted on the roof, pipe runs through the roof, special situations

Browse through some of our installation examples to get an idea of whats involved and what it might cost.


2.6kW-5.2kW $550       
6.3kW-8kW $600
8.7kW-10kW $650 





*Includes GST


This includes

• Outdoor unit on  concrete slab

• Up to 3 metres of refrigerant piping and interconnecting cables

• Up to 2 metres of electrical supply (new or existing circuit)

• 1 length of trunking (view colorbond colours)  



Intermediate Installations

Intermediate type installations are when outdoor units need to be mounted on wall brackets or require extended pipe runs around corners or over garages, not a simple back to back installation. 

Pricing extras:


Extra Piping (per metre) $45                                  
Wall Brackets $100
Extra Trunking $45
Roof Brackets $200
Protective Cages $600
Commercial Circuit Breaker $55

*Includes GST

Intermediate air conditioning installations are when the outdoor unit might need to go on a different wall to the indoor unit, around the corner, over garages or up on wall brackets.



Advanced Installations


Advanced air conditioning installations require a great deal of skill and care. They can include anything from lifting units onto roofs and roof brackets to run pipes, cutting out plaster walls and many other situations that present difficult. Its jobs like these that make you glad you got the right people.

Pricing of Extras:

Normally a site visit is required for these difficult installations.


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