How does air conditioning work?

Air conditioning works by cooling or heating your home, creating a comfortable living environment by filtering the air and removing the moisture, which causes humidity. The principle behind air conditioning is simple. Two coils, one inside your home and one outside are connected by pipes filled with refrigerant. This fluid is pumped through a circuit of pipes by a compressor.


The two fans pass air over these coils. During the cooling cycle, warmed refrigerant circulates through the outside coil where it releases heat and cools down. It moves back inside, and is circulated through the indoor coil. The hot air inside your home is blown over this cold coil where it cools down and in turn, cools your home. During this process the refrigerant warms up and moves back outside to repeat the cycle.


How much does it cost to run?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the most energy efficient method of heating or cooling your home. Running costs are strongly influenced by how long the air conditioner is running. Therefore an undersized air conditioning system will be significantly more expensive to operate than one that is sized correctly. On average a 55kW unit would cost approximately 70 cents per hour to run.


Is correct sizing of your air conditioning system important?

YES. Correct sizing of your air conditioning system is critical for both comfort and efficiency. A system that is over sized will sacrifice both comfort and efficiency, the same can be said for an undersized unit. Before purchasing an air conditioning system, make sure a licensed technician performs a heat load calculation on your home to ensure correct sizing.


What maintenance is needed for my air conditioning system?

We recommend a yearly preventative maintenance service. This ensures that your air conditioning system is working to it's full potential.


What are the benefits of a ducted system over a split system?

A ducted system is designed to air condition more than 1 room of your home. Individual outlets are situated in each room with the air conditioning controlled by a central controller. A split system is designed to air condition one room. If you are looking to air-condition your whole home than you should consider ducted.


What is zoning?

Air conditioning is often zoned to keep the purchase of running costs to a minimum. The house is usually zoned according to the family's lifestyle. Zoning works by a series of dampers that direct the flow of air in the ducted system to one area or another. A control panel inside your home is provided for convenient zone usage.


What is an inverter?

Through new advanced technology, inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature and reach the desired temperature quicker than conventional air conditioners.


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