Ducted System Design


Ducted System Design


The key to a good air conditioning system is efficient well balanced air flow, which is only achieved through diligent design. This begins with room by room inspections of the home, then we design and select duct and outlet sizes by the airflow required for each room. The indoor mounting position, the outdoor unit location and length of duct runs are all factors that directly impact on your air conditioning system.

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Inverter Ducted Systems


The Inverter ducted systems are extra efficient and considerably less energy than non inverter, conventional units. This advanced technology results in significantly lower running costs.


Uses up to 30%  less energy per year than conventional ducted system.


Less  temperature fluctuations, which gives greater comfort


Starts warming  or cooling operations allowing you to achieve faster comfortable temperature sooner.


Inverter systems handle greater extremes in temperature.





A refrigeration mechanic installs the system and an electrician is required to wire it. Some highly skilled electricians also carry a licence to install the air conditioning system and wire it. It is very important to make sure that you do not opt for cheap installations, as air conditioners have ozone depleting gases inside them.

Not only can those gases hurt the environment, but the loss of gas when being installed will affect the running of your new system.

Having a licenced air conditioning installer gives you peace of mind the job has been done right.




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