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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems in Sydney



With the number of small businesses growing everyday the demand for air conditioned commercial buildings are at it's all time high.


Although similar in basic design there are significant differences in the requirements between commercial and domestic air conditioning. Many of the components will differ but the main thing is that with commercial air conditioning their is alot more regulations to comply with to meet the Australian Standard and The Building code of Australia. With our qualified staff in the office you can be assured that your system will be to Australian Standards.

Air-Max Air Conditioning will install systems to engineers specifications. We can also design a system to suit your exact specifications. When designing your system we take into account staff numbers, heat generating equipment, people traffic, temperature disturbances due to opening doors and general thermal efficiency of the floor or building.

Once Air-Max Air Conditioning has installed the system we offer our clients a comprehensive service agreement that ensures your system will always be working at maximum efficiency. This ensures the life of your system will be extended well past the average.

For our customer care, please call : (02) 4648 4811


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